Washing & caring

All Geysis products are designed and made by the finest of fabrics. We ask that you look carefully at the care label instructions (placed on the inside of the garment) before washing your garment for the first time. Keep in mind that heating temperature suggestions may vary and there might even be the question of the garments ability to be washed regularly. Some of the garments can only be dry-cleaned.

For Geysir products, usually one of the two washing directions apply, but this is by no means guaranteed. Therefore, we strongly recommend you look carefully at the care label on your garment and verify the washing instructions:

  • Geysir blanket:  „dry clean only“
  • Geysir garments: „handwash 30°C – dry flat – do not tumble dry“

It is recommended to always wash similar colors together. It is good to keep in mind that un-colored garments from natural fabrics can absorb color, although not easy to see, so it may be useful to wash a second time at the same temperature.

Always wash your garments inside-out, particularly what you define as your better”/finer clothing. This prevents unnecessary ruptures and keeps your garment from pilling. This applies especially for woven clothing.

It is the firm believe that by giving you pointers Geysir encourages prolonged lifetime and original quality of the garment.

Washing Instructions

Geysir wool-blankets: It is recommended that you put your blanket occasionally outdoors into fresh air and leave it there for a good hour or two. Should your blanket need proper cleaning we recommend dry cleaning at all times. The wool yarn becomes loose and stalled if washed and can loose some of it’s original quality.

Instructions for dry-cleaning: Should your garment have spots or smudging it is obviously needs cleaning. However, we recommend that you never try to pat or rub the garment with a damp cloth, by doing so you may add stains that can not be removed. Always take your garment directly to your nearest professional cleaner.

Wool products (sweaters, capes): It is recommended to place your wool garment outdoors and leave for an hour or two in the fresh air. Should it need proper cleaning, follow the instructions here below.

Washing instructions for wool products: We at Geysir strongly recommend you use a specific wool soap, or a very mild soap in small portions. Should your washing mashine offer a special program for wool or hand washing, you are encouraged to use that program. However, we strongly recommend you wash your garment by hand:

  • Leave your garment in warm water with mild soap for aprox 10 minutes.
  • Water should be no warmer than 30°c/86 farenheit.
  • Wash the garment carefully with your hands, make sure you do not rub garment harshly.
  • Rinse garment with warm water, until water is clear.
  • Remember to always use water of the same temperature.
  • Do not rub, roll or wind the garment, squeeze the water out of the garment.
  • Wool products may be put into a washing mashing for un-winding for max 1-3 minutes, only if it has a special program for this.
  • Place the garment to dry on a flat surface.
  • Adjust the garment to the original shape.


It is our sincere hope that the above information benefits you in maintaining the quality and look of your new Geysir product.

Kind regards,